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Thanks to all who participated or voted in one of our Anatomy Art-a-thons! To submit a piece for the next Anatomy Art-a-thon, please email us here with a picture of the piece, your name, medium used, your age (if under 18), and any contact information you would like posted with your piece. Voting cycles will be held every 6 months.

Thanks so much!
-Your friends at ASM


First Place - 77 Votes

"Name that Muscle"
by: Nicole Chrisman

Second Place - 49 Votes

"Digital X-ray"
by: Olivia Durbin (age 11)

Third Place - 34 Votes

"Calm Nerves"
by: Dori Durbin


Anatomy Art-a-thon // June 2015

First Place - 1437 Votes!

Second Place - 780 Votes!

Third Place - 191 Votes!

"Pronator Teres"

Artist: Jennifer A Cantley

Medium: Graphite Pencil

Website: http://prettybrokeartist.blogspot.com

"The Artist's Brain"

Artist: Andrea Miller

Medium: Sharpie & Watercolor

"De-feeting Stress"

Artist: Dori Durbin

Medium: Water color pencils

June 2015 Submissions