May th benefits of therapeutic touch be widespread & within reach!

Who we are...

Adrian School of Massage exists because we believe that good touch can make the world a better place; and educated touch can breathe life and healing into a person's existence. 

Our students are important to us, and we count it our mission to best equip them in their journey of not only benefiting their own life but also the lives of others. 

Our program is predominately research based in it's approach, with an emphasis on more western styles of massage - all while holding great respect for this industry's eastern heritage. 

ASM has smaller class sizes, creative financing, and a heart for the pursuit of excellence in massage education.

The short story of our beginnings...

In the Fall of 2014, Christy Gagneur felt a calling to begin taking the steps needed to open Adrian School of Massage. One year later, with the help of a successful crowdfunding campaign and a lot of hard work, she watched this calling become a reality. Her desire is that Adrian School of Massage would be a place of compassion, connection, and integrity.

This Is Our Story

Each step has been a blessing!

Intentional planning begins for a massage school in Adrian. 

This is when the physical frame work and plans for ASM started.

A Leap of Faith - Our Crowdfunding Campaign raised over 500% of our original goal, including offline donations.

This meant we could start with both feet on the ground, afford our licensing, and provide in-house aid to students who may not have been able to attend otherwise.  (A BIG Thank You to the amazing community members who made our program possible!)

MAY 2015
Our First Student Enrolls

Thank you for believing in us Amber Marie Lee!

SEPTEMBER 15, 2015
Our FIRST Day of Class!

Class 01 began with 7 fantastic students, willing to embark on a brand new adventure!

FEBRUARY 2, 2016
Class 02 begins!

Class 02 began with 8 amazing students - having their classes mainly in the evenings and on Saturdays. This was also the fist time we had two classes simultaneously. 

JULY 2016
First in Commercial Displays at the Lenawee County Fair!

This was exciting for us considering it was our first fair and we didn't know they judged the commercial displays - a very sweet surprise!

AUGUST 27, 2016
Graduation Day - Class 01!

Our very first graduation day! This special group has played such a big roll in who we are today!

Class 03 begins!

A big group with big hearts!

Class 02 Graduates!

Congratulations Class 02! 

Class 04 begins!

JULY 2017
ASM's 2nd Annual Family Picnic

Great things are worth celebrating!

Class 03 Graduates!


Class 05 Begins!


Class 04 Graduates!


Class 06 Begins!

2018 - Present
Working hard to make the world a better place one student at a time!

ASM has been so blessed to walk with many students through the journey of becoming massage therapists!

ASM Moves to Occidental Hwy!