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Important Outreach Information:
We allow students to choose their own outreach opportunities as they work to complete their required 10 (volunteer) outreach hours.

If a student would like to use your opportunity, they will contact you directly using the information you provide on this form.

*We cannot guarantee a student will participate in a specific outreach opportunity; if you would like to set up/confirm a paid outreach with one of our professionals, please call our office at 517-759-5040.

Student Outreach Opportunities must meet at least one of the following:

- Be Education Based

- Be Health Based

- Be a Non-Profit

(Students are instructed to never expect tips. They may, however, accept tips at the discretion of the outreach location. *ASM does not handle student tips in any way and any tax implications are the full responsibility of the student.)

*For qualifying organizations, bulk Gift Certificate discounts may be available. To learn more, please call our office: 517-759-5040

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