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Student Clinic 

Support our students as they refine their skills!
Come enjoy a massage in our relaxing student clinic...

Open Hours:
ASM's Student Clinic is open year-round, with availability fluctuating based on our students' progress through their program. To schedule an appointment in ASM's Student Clinic, please schedule online (below) or call ahead. Our students and staff look forward to seeing you in the near future! 

Student Clinic Notice:

Adrian School of Massage requires its students to complete a portion of their program in the supervised, on-site, Student Clinic. Patrons of the Student Clinic are charged for the services they receive by students of Adrian School of Massage. These funds are used for operating costs of the school. Although students completing their required Student Clinic hours are not financially compensated by ASM, students may receive tips in the form of cash or check from clients. Tips are in no way required or expected. Tips made to students are not handled by Adrian School of Massage in any way, and any tax implications are the full responsibility of the student.

ASM Cancellation Policy:

Patrons of ASM’s Clinics must allow at least 24 hours of advance notice when canceling appointments. If advanced notice cannot be made, patrons will receive one grace missed-day before being billed $40 for their missed appointment on the second late cancellation/no-show.
If (rare occurrence) ASM needs to cancel a patron’s appointment within 12 hours of the appointment time, for reasons other than road, weather, disaster, or business/community emergency, a $40 credit (or scheduled session fee if less than $40) will be applied to the client’s massage account. (This credit can only be used for massage services at ASM and has no cash value.)

ASM's Policy for Tips...

Tips are always appreciated but never expected - please tip at your own discretion. Students completing their program hours are not financially compensated for their time. If you decide you would like to tip your student therapist, we ask that you tip them directly, as ASM may not handle student tips.

Individual service tips of over 100% the normal service cost may not be received; however patrons are welcome to make donations of any amount to ASM's Student Scholarship fund.

Other Items:

  • ASM employs an “Underwear Always” policy for its Student Clinic. If it is noticed that a patron is not wearing underpants, they will be asked to either put on their underpants or reschedule their appointment.
  • During a massage in our Student Clinic it is expected that a Clinic Supervisor will quietly check in to see how things are going. Most of the time patrons do not notice the Supervisors checking in, but if you do see the supervisor checking in, know that you are more than welcome to ask them questions or say hello if you would like.
  • ASM is excited and honored to be able to train up new professionals in the massage therapy field. As ASM is an educational facility first, please excuse any deviations from a normal "non-teaching" massage experience during your time in our student clinic. The exceptional training of our students is our highest priority.

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Couple's Massage at ASM

We are blessed to have private clinic rooms large enough to equip multiple student therapists/tables *if requested. If you and a loved one would like a couple's massage in our student clinic, simply schedule two appointments at the same time, and then call or send us a message to let us know you'd like to be in the same room together!