May th benefits of therapeutic touch be widespread & within reach!

There are just 2 steps to enroll and save your spot at ASM:

Step 1) Submit your ENROLLMENT FORM 

Step 2) Begin your account with your first TUITION PAYMENT 

Both steps can be completed from this page, and are listed below. We are excited to welcome you into our program!


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Tuition Down Payment

A tuition down payment of at least $500 is necessary to hold your spot in a program class. 

(Please contact our office to discuss special situations.) 

If you would prefer to complete your tuition account with enrollment, you may qualify for a discount depending on when your payment is made:

Annual Payment Options:
*amounts below do not include financial aid.

Advanced Annual Payment With 8% Discount: $8096
(*When paid more than 40 days before the start of class)

Annual Payment With 6% Discount: $8272
(*When paid before the first day of class)

Monthly Payment Options:
Monthly payments begin the 15th of the month after the start of your in-person learning. 
Final Transcripts for extended payment accounts may not be released until accounts are Paid in Full.
*amounts below do not include financial aid.

12 Monthly Payments:
*after $500 Tuition Down-payment at Enrollment
$691.67/Month for 12-Months

24 Monthly Payments:
*after $500 Tuition Down-payment at Enrollment
$348.96/Month for 12-Months

* If your application is denied or you are unable to attend, prepaid tuition (minus a $25 non-refundable enrollment processing fee) may be refunded within 60 days of a written request for refund. (For refunds after beginning our program (online included), please see our student handbook.)


Select "Buy Now" to make your First Tuition Payment of $500.
 (This holds your spot.)

Our Process

We review applications for enrollment in the order they were received. 

To complete your application, please submit your enrollment form and make a down payment of at least $500 to begin your tuition account. 

If the class for which you applied is full, you will receive priority in the next available class. 

If your application is denied, you will be refunded any tuition paid with the exclusion of $25 remaining non-refundable to cover the processing of your application.  (Please review our handbook for our refund policy when withdrawing after starting classes *including online).

ASM reserves the right to cancel or postpone a class if it does not meet our minimum attendance requirements.

Applications for enrollment may be accepted up until the first day of class for a program year (orientation not included).


-We ask that all students have completed (or be in the process of completing) their high school diploma, GED, or an equivalent diploma by the start of class. (A copy of your transcripts will be needed before the end of the first trimester.)
- To ensure the integrity of this profession, we ask that applicants be of good moral character and conduct. (This includes exemplification of qualities such as honesty and respect for all people.)

ASM Contact Info...

    Adrian School of Massage 
     4114 Occidental Hwy
    Adrian, MI 49221